Unveiling the New 2025 Ford Everest: A Bold Adventure Awaits

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with the New 2025 Ford Everest, a vehicle that seamlessly blends rugged capability with sophisticated refinement. Designed to conquer every terrain and elevate every adventure, the Everest is the perfect companion for those who crave the thrill of the unknown.

Prepare to be captivated by its striking exterior, where bold lines and sculpted surfaces create a presence that commands attention. Step inside the spacious cabin and discover a sanctuary of comfort and advanced technology, where every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance your driving experience.


Buckle up for the all-new 2025 Ford Everest, the ultimate adventure companion. This beast is engineered to conquer any terrain, from bustling city streets to rugged off-road trails. Its rugged exterior and cutting-edge technology make it the perfect ride for adrenaline junkies, outdoor enthusiasts, and families seeking adventure.

The Everest is designed for those who crave the freedom to explore, whether it’s a weekend camping trip or a cross-country road trip. With its spacious interior and advanced safety features, it’s the perfect ride for adventurers of all ages.

Key Features

  • Rugged and stylish exterior with bold grille and LED lighting
  • Powerful and efficient EcoBoost engine for effortless performance
  • Advanced Terrain Management System for optimal traction on any surface
  • Spacious and comfortable interior with seating for up to seven
  • State-of-the-art SYNC 4 infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Comprehensive suite of safety features, including lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control

Exterior Design

The 2025 Ford Everest boasts a bold and rugged exterior design, embodying the spirit of adventure and off-road capability. Its muscular stance and sleek lines create a striking presence that turns heads wherever it goes.

At the front, the Everest’s imposing grille dominates, featuring a bold geometric pattern that exudes strength and purpose. Flanking the grille are sleek LED headlights with integrated daytime running lights, providing exceptional visibility both on and off the road.

Body Lines

The Everest’s body lines are sharp and defined, accentuating its muscular physique. The prominent shoulder lines and flared wheel arches give the vehicle a sense of athleticism and agility. The sloping roofline adds a touch of aerodynamic efficiency, while the integrated roof rails provide versatility for carrying additional gear.

Unique Design Elements

One of the most distinctive design elements of the Everest is its hexagonal spare wheel cover, mounted on the rear door. This unique feature not only provides easy access to the spare tire but also adds a touch of rugged charm to the vehicle’s overall aesthetic.

Interior Design

The Everest’s cabin is designed to be spacious and comfortable, with plenty of room for passengers and their belongings. The seats are upholstered in high-quality materials, and the dashboard is well-laid out and easy to use. The overall ambiance is one of sophistication and refinement.

Advanced Features

The Everest comes standard with a range of advanced features, including a large touchscreen infotainment system, a premium sound system, and a suite of driver-assist technologies. These features make the Everest a pleasure to drive and help to keep passengers entertained and safe.

Powertrain and Performance

The 2025 Ford Everest is equipped with a range of powerful and efficient engine options. The base model comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 250 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque. This engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive.

For those who need more power, the Everest also offers a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine that produces 350 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque. This engine is paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

Both engines offer impressive performance, with the V6 model being particularly quick off the line. The Everest can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds, and it has a top speed of 200 km/h.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Everest is surprisingly frugal. The four-cylinder model returns up to 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers, while the V6 model returns up to 10.0 liters per 100 kilometers.

Transmission System

The 2025 Ford Everest comes with a choice of two transmission systems: a six-speed manual transmission and a ten-speed automatic transmission. The manual transmission is only available with the four-cylinder engine, while the automatic transmission is available with both the four-cylinder and V6 engines.

The ten-speed automatic transmission is a smooth and responsive unit that makes the Everest a pleasure to drive. It shifts gears quickly and seamlessly, and it always seems to be in the right gear for the job.

Drivetrain Configurations

The 2025 Ford Everest is available with two drivetrain configurations: rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The rear-wheel drive model is the most fuel-efficient, while the four-wheel drive model provides better traction in slippery conditions.

The four-wheel drive system is a part-time system, which means that it can be engaged and disengaged as needed. When the four-wheel drive system is engaged, power is sent to all four wheels, providing better traction on slippery surfaces.

Features and Technologies

New 2025 Ford Everest
The New 2025 Ford Everest boasts a plethora of cutting-edge features and technologies designed to enhance your driving experience. From advanced safety systems to intuitive infotainment and convenient amenities, the Everest is equipped to cater to all your needs.

Advanced Safety Systems

The Everest prioritizes your safety with an array of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). These include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go:
  • Automatically adjusts your speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead.

  • Lane Keeping Assist:
  • Keeps you centered within your lane, preventing unintentional lane departures.

  • Blind Spot Monitoring with Cross-Traffic Alert:
  • Detects vehicles in your blind spots and alerts you when it’s unsafe to change lanes or reverse.

  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking:
  • Uses sensors to detect potential collisions and applies brakes if necessary.

Infotainment Features

Stay connected and entertained with the Everest’s intuitive infotainment system. Key features include:

  • 12-inch Touchscreen Display:
  • A large and responsive touchscreen that puts all essential functions at your fingertips.

  • SYNC 4A with Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto:
  • Seamlessly integrate your smartphone with the vehicle’s system for hands-free calling, navigation, and music streaming.

  • B&O Premium Sound System:
  • Delivers an immersive audio experience with 10 speakers and a subwoofer.

  • Satellite Navigation:
  • Provides turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates to guide you on your journeys.

Convenience Amenities

The Everest makes every journey comfortable and convenient with thoughtful amenities. These include:

  • Panoramic Sunroof:
  • Lets in an abundance of natural light and fresh air.

  • Heated and Ventilated Seats:
  • Provide warmth in cold weather and cooling on hot days.

  • Wireless Charging Pad:
  • Conveniently charge your compatible devices without the need for cables.

  • Hands-Free Power Liftgate:
  • Opens and closes the rear liftgate with a simple foot gesture.

Safety and Reliability

New 2025 Ford Everest

The New 2025 Ford Everest prioritizes safety, boasting an impressive array of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving capabilities. It has received top safety ratings from reputable organizations, attesting to its exceptional protection for occupants.

Safety Features

The Everest features a comprehensive suite of safety features, including:

– Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection
– Lane departure warning with lane-keeping assist
– Blind-spot monitoring with cross-traffic alert
– Adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go functionality
– Driver attention monitoring
– Rear cross-traffic alert
– Hill descent control
– Trailer sway control

Autonomous Driving Capabilities

The Everest also offers advanced autonomous driving capabilities, such as:

– Adaptive cruise control with lane centering
– Traffic sign recognition
– Evasive steering assist
– Reverse automatic braking

Reliability and Durability

The Ford Everest is renowned for its reliability and durability. It has consistently received high ratings from independent automotive publications, demonstrating its ability to withstand the rigors of off-road driving and everyday use. The Everest’s robust construction and advanced engineering ensure a long and dependable service life.

Pricing and Availability

New 2025 Ford Everest

The New 2025 Ford Everest is expected to have a starting price of around £35,000 for the base trim level. Higher trim levels and configurations will be priced accordingly, with the top-of-the-line Platinum trim expected to start at around £50,000.

The New 2025 Ford Everest will be available in a variety of markets around the world, including the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. It is expected to go on sale in late 2024.

Ford has not yet announced any special editions or limited-time offers for the New 2025 Everest, but these are likely to be announced closer to the launch date.

FAQ Section

What sets the New 2025 Ford Everest apart from its predecessors?

The New 2025 Ford Everest boasts a host of advancements, including a more powerful engine, enhanced off-road capabilities, and a cutting-edge infotainment system.

What safety features can I expect in the New 2025 Ford Everest?

The Everest prioritizes safety with an array of advanced features, such as lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.

Is the New 2025 Ford Everest available in different trim levels?

Yes, the Everest offers a range of trim levels, each tailored to meet specific needs and preferences, from the rugged XLT to the luxurious Limited.

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